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Our dedicated and skillful team will help implement projects of any technical and conceptual complexity. We assist customers with both small quest games and large-scale complex simulators for personnel. Our products meet the requirements of any industry and type of project you entrust to us!

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The Room 505 Studio Has Huge Development Experience for Different Types of Platforms
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A New Word in Personal Training

The use of modern technologies makes it possible to establish a more flexible process of training personnel. Introduce any professional skills and perform onboarding of any complexity faster and more efficiently.


The VR environment gives students an exceptional opportunity to dive into the required knowledge base and skill set from the very beginning. All the intricacies of the workflow are introduced better. This allows you to speed up the training and onboarding process significantly.


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Find your question here or ask us

How long does it take to develop an application? What factors do matter and have a direct impact on the development terms?

The development process of an application depends on many factors. Among them are the technical task detail contrasts, the number of target platforms, the integration of additional services/options, etc. On average, it takes at least several months to create a great digital product!

Do you make a specialty out of full-stack development?

Yes, we specialize in full-stack development. Our specialists perform it from cover to cover, including devs, art, service integration, and software market entering.

How about project support? What is the maximum term of your work with one client?

The maximum term of work with one of our valued clients is more than 2 years. We are interested in long-term cooperation. That is why our dedicated team guarantees the development of our projects together with their qualitative support

Is VR development more complicated and expensive than conventional mobile or desktop application development?

VR development is quite different in the context of testing, and the implementation process of individual control mechanics. Therefore, it requires a more detailed technical task for great performance at any development stage. But, in general, it takes the same time as desktop and mobile app development.

Do you provide consulting services as part of the technical task development/discussing a project conception?

Yes, we provide such services. Our level of competence and sound experience in technical task development for such software as VR training systems allows us to provide detailed consulting. We know most of the pitfalls that might take place during the development process. Any showstoppers can be avoided right at the stage of the technical task creation.

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