3D Art

We Have Been Creating 3D Art for Games and Simulators of Any Complexity for More Than 6 Years

We can develop 3D models for various kinds of projects. Most often, we create realistic, nature-driven models designed for training systems and optimized for mobile VR devices. Our portfolio also includes works in other directions. For example, Low Poly game models.

Room 505 Artists Love Unconventional & Sophisticated Tasks


This is a diesel, V-shaped eight-cylinder turbocharged engine called YaMZ-238. The model was created for the training system. It is commonly used for the UK-25/9 railway stacker crane operators’ onboarding purposes. To create a realistic model, the maximum number of reference materials was presented.

JOWA 3SEP – Oily Bilge Water Separator

3SEP OWS is a two-stage oily water separation system for filtration. It is used to separate and remove free and emulsified oil. Similar devices are used on various watercraft vessels. The 3D model will be used to create a modern training system for the maritime industry.

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