Any time is a perfect time
to roll out a simulator and stay pleased with a final result

Distance learning systems are the future that has already arrived.

Modern simulators allow students to get the maximum of knowledge, master skills, and apply them in practice immediately after learning the fundamentals without leaving the office or home. And all this is health-friendly and without stressful loads for learners.

Studio Room 505 Has Huge Experience in the
Development of Simulators
ASD Tug Simulator

The education system for training and practicing tug handling skills. It allows to work out various techniques (from basic maneuvers to complex towing methods necessary for the captains of these vessels).


The key advantages of the simulator are its improved built-in hydrodynamic modeling feature and the ability to interact with the towed vessel. Our software engineers worked closely with Learnmarine to reproduce the peculiarities of tug maneuvers as accurately as possible. The target platform is Oculus Rift / PC.

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Workshop Demo

This demo project was created to practice the mechanics that are most often used in simulators built on virtual reality technology. Special attention is paid to the creation of art for mobile VR devices and art-driven optimization.


MVP creation time is 80 hours. The target platform is Oculus Quest / Oculus Quest 2 / Pico Neo Eye 2.

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