Everyone is Open to Entertainment, Right?

Room 505 loves to both play and create exciting games.

Behind our back, we have more than 6 years of game development. We make a specialty out of various genres, including hackathons, game jams, and games or quests for commercial projects. However, we are interested not only in game development but also in VR applications that allow us to switch from everyday routine to a more comfortable and pleasant environment.

The Room 505  Studio Was on With Creating Games, so We Know What We Are Talking About
Da Vinci Quest Room 

A VR game based on the prototype of a real-life quest room where you need to puzzle out the riddles of the great master da Vinci in order to get out of the room.


The game implements some of Leonardo da Vinci’s machines and inventions. While interacting with them, players will manage to solve puzzles. It is especially interesting to immerse yourself in the game in the Oculus Quest portable VR glasses. Moreover, the VR application was created for the Oculus headset.

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VR Room of Psychological Support

The VR room of psychological support is created for people whose profession requires a long stay in a confined space.  A long-term isolation simulator takes place this way.


The application is designed for leisure activities similar to the environments on Earth. In a cozy room created for stand-alone VR glasses Oculus Quest / Pico Ney Eye 2, you can watch movies and photos on the big screen, read books, listen to music, play mini-games, and much more. All the changes in weather conditions and seasons are also implemented in the VR room.

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